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    A Healthy Lifestyle Starts With Healthy Teeth


The Genesee District Dental Society is a group of nearly 200 dental professionals in the Genesee County region, dedicated to educating, and improving the dental health of Genesee County residents.

Our members are professionals, and adhere to strict moral and ethical standards. We'll help you find the dentist that best fits your needs. 


The 198 members of the Genesee District Dental Society appreciate your interest in taking care of your dental health. We also understand the challenges many people face in receiving dental care. Many dental patients, even those without insurance, find that regular dental care is affordable, especially since it can prevent bigger, more expensive problems down the road.

I was able to find my new dentist fast and easy. I'm so happy with my new dentist.

I Like that my Genesee District Dental Society dentist keeps me informed about dental health.

The dentists that are involved in the community really make a difference to area residents.