Therapeutic Dentistry

Genesee District Dental Society members offer services to help you prevent disease and enjoy life without a toothache. The usage of modern technology and quality pain medications will make you feel comfortable during the procedure, and afterwards you can with ease do your own thing without feeling after effect and side effects.

Prosthetic Dentistry

Some members offer their experience in the field of Orthopaedics and will be able to solve any problem, regardless of its complexity and the age of the patient. After professional diagnosis, they will develop an individual treatment plan, which takes into account all peculiarities of problems and wishes of the patient.


GDDS Member Orthodontists will help you rectify the defects of the bite and bring back the natural beauty of your smile. Installation of brackets allow you to achieve a perfect result even in sufficient adulthood and guarantee full alignment of teeth without reverse deformation.

Surgical Dentistry

Some GDDS members provide various services in the field of surgery, which are primarily aimed at the preservation of the tooth and its restoration. The use of modern technologies and professionalism of our members will make any, even the most complex procedure, painless and maximally comfortable for any patient.

Children's Dentist

Our members who practice Children's Dentistry create optimal conditions for young patients, entertains and gives nice gifts for their patience and courage. Before the procedure we necessarily will hold the psychological preparation for your child and will do everything to make dental event easy and painless.

Common Dental Procedures

Our members provide quality dental services, including bondings, check ups, cleanings, crowns, dentures, exams, extractions, fillings, flouride, mouth guards, night guards, restorations, root canals, sealants, wisdom teeth removal, veneers, x-rays, etc.